-en [ən, 'n]
1. [ME < -en, -ien < OE -nian] forming verbs
a) to become or cause to be: added to adjectives [darken, weaken]
b) to come to have, cause to have: added to nouns [heighten, hearten, strengthen]
2. [ME & OE, akin to L -inus, Gr -inos] forming adjectives made of: added to concrete nouns [wooden, waxen]
3. [ME & OE] forming the past participle of strong verbs [risen, written]
4. [OE -an] forming the plural of certain nouns [children, oxen]
5. [OE] forming the feminine of certain nouns [vixen]
6. [OE] forming certain old diminutives [chicken]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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